How it Works In School

Santa’s Kottage is an in school holiday shopping program that can be fun for the kids but also raise funds for the school.  The school determines what percentage mark up they would like for the gifts. (5%, 12% or 20%).  All merchandise ranges from .90 to $5.80 and is delivered FREE to your school on CONSIGNMENT.  All unused merchandise will be picked up FREE from your school and you only pay for what you sold during your shop.


The following are steps to getting started to a fun and successful Santa’s Kottage

Step1:  Getting Started

  • Choose your dates for in school shopping
  • Choose the profit mark up for gifts (5%, 12%, or 20%)
  • Call Shelly at (618) 234-0388 or drop us a message to confirm shopping dates
  • You will receive a contract that needs to be signed and returned

Step 2:  Planning and Promoting your shop

  • Around the end of October the chairperson will receive a login for all the chair person resources.
  • The resources include templates for free posters and flyers to advertise and spread the word about your upcoming Santa’s Kottage
  • A Facebook link to announce your date on your schools facebook page and a preview of gifts
  • The chairperson will have access to download a steps for success manual
  • Login to your online scanner system before your actual shop to make sure you understand the scanning system. This helps ensures the actual shopping day will run as planned.
  • You were provided with free envelopes to send home with the kids.

Step 3:  Setting up your Santa Kottage shop

  • You will need a laptop / chrome book
  • Decorate tables with the free table clothes we provided
  • We suggest organizing the tables by gift category
    • Mom / Grandma / Jewelry
    • Dad / Grandpa
    • Kids
  • Organize a check out area for scanning all gifts
  • Set up an area for volunteers to help bag and wrap the gifts with the bags provided

Step 4:  Closing up your Santa Kottage shop

  • Do NOT count your inventory
  • Pack up unsold gifts in boxes
  • Print the final report
  • Email shelly @tribout.com when shop is finished
  • Include check with the returned gifts made payable to:

                                              Tribout Distributors