How It Works

Santa’s Kottage is an in-school holiday shopping program that can be fun for the kids but also raise funds for the school.  The school determines what percentage markup they would like for the gifts. (5%, 12% or 20%).  All merchandise ranges from .90 to $8.00 and is delivered FREE to your school on CONSIGNMENT. All unused merchandise will be picked up FREE from your school and you only pay for what you sold during your shop.

STEP 1: Sign Up

  • Choose your start date and your profit mark up.
  • We offer 0%, 5%, 10% or 20%
  • Risk Free – All merchandise is on consignment! Return unsold merchandise, only pay for what you sell!

STEP 2: Planning & Promoting

  • The chairperson will receive a login for all of the resources needed.
  • Parent letters, posters, flyers, budget envelopes, and logos included.
  • User friendly admin portal. We recommend logging in before the actual shopping day begins. (You will need a laptop / computer for the shop)

STEP 3: Gifts Arrive

  • Online POS system makes checkout fast and easy with barcoded gifts.
  • Scanners are included for each register.
  • Decorate your tables with included table clothes.
  • Gift categories include Mom, Grandma, Jewelry, Dad, Grandpa, Kids & Pets.

STEP 4: Send It All Back

  • No need to count inventory!!
  • Pack up remaining gifts and arrange pick up. 
  • Print final report from Admin Portal and include check or request invoicing to be sent via email paid by ACH.  

What’s Included

Free Shipping

Gifts & Gift Bags

Budget Envelope

Point Of Sale & Scanner

Marketing Assets

Personal Support